Lagoon Park Treasure Hunt

The Lagoon Park Treasure Hunt is adapted with thanks from the Coastcare Treasure Hunt from the Southern Beaches Landcare Coastcare Group, Dodges Ferry. 

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Look up! Are there any clouds?
What shape are they?
Are they high or low?

Look about! Can you see a bird?
What is it doing?
What shape is its beak?

Listen out! Can you hear a sound from nature?
Can you make a noise like a bird that lives by the sea?

Smell the air! What does your nose tell you?
What can you smell on the land?
What can you smell from the sea?

Touch a tree! What do your fingers tell you?
Is it smooth or rough?
What shape are the leaves?
Who lives in the tree?

Can you find an insect or animal track?
Who made it?
Where does this creature hide/shelter?

Can you count the trees in the park?
How many palm trees can you see?
How many legs on a spider?

Can you think about…
What things from the litter bin could endanger creatures that live in the sea?
What creatures visit this place in the dark when we have gone home?