Safer roads and crossings

Clear signage, safe road crossings and well maintained footpaths and bicycle routes are essential for children walking and cycling safely to/from school.

Frequent questions from parents and others about speed limits, signage and crossing points near Dodges Ferry Primary were resolved after a site visit from Scott Ingles (DIER) and Steve Hodge (Sorell Council) in November 2011. Some signage changes were done early 2012 and, after wider public consultation, works began on Carlton Beach Road in November 2012.

  1. Old Forcett Road (the main road) in front of the school does not qualify as a ‘school zone’ as the school is set back from the main road on separate entrance roads (both designated permanent 40kph zones).
  2. The rear entrance to the school behind the football clubrooms is a public road with a designated 40kph speed limit 24/7. Council replaced the missing 40kph sign and added a yellow ‘children’ sign.
  3. The footpath crossing Carlton Beach Road at the T-junction with Carlton River Road is close to a low crest with poor line of sight. Council moved the 50kph limit sign along to align with the 60kph sign outside Gumnut Childcare Centre so that the 50kph zone now starts before the intersection for traffic coming into Dodges Ferry. Pedestrian crossing signs were also added.
  4. At the Carlton Beach Road intersection with First and Third Avenues Council have upgraded the children crossing signs with larger, brighter signs both sides. Council is currently re-aligning the intersection, adding kerbing and guttering, concrete paths and a pedestrian refuge on Carlton Beach Road between First and Third Avenues. Further footpath improvements are planned for Carlton Beach Road and First Ave.
  5. Parents remain concerned about the bus stop zone on Carlton Beach Road outside the bakery where buses pick up and drop off children at the bakery car park. Council’s strategy for the Dodges Ferry shopping precinct aims to separate pedestrian and vehicle movement and proposes a bus drop off/pick up zone at the rear of the IGA car park.
  6. Parents are keen to see the footpath along Old Forcett Road completed along to the school entrance road, as well as further maintenance and improvements to shared walk/cycle paths along Carlton Beach Road, Carlton River Road and Lewisham Scenic Drive to/from the school and community precinct.

For more details please contact Jude O’Doherty at the school office or School Association chairperson Melinda Reed on 0408554934.

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