Anaphylaxis Aware

We are an Anaphylaxis Aware School.

Anaphylaxis is a generalised allergic reaction, which often involves more than one body system (e.g. skin, respiratory, gastro-intestinal, cardiovascular). It is the most severe form of allergic reaction and is potentially life threatening.

In response to the increasing number of students and staff who are at some risk of an anaphylactic reaction to allergies we are an Anaphylactic Aware School. That means our staff are trained in recognising and responding to anaphylactic reactions. 30 staff members were given three hours intensive training in February 2012 and the remaining staff were trained in Term 1 2012.

The training means we are very well prepared if a member of our school community experiences an anaphylactic reaction while at school. The other side of the equation is raising awareness of what can cause an anaphylactic reaction and doing what we can to reduce the risk.

High in our risk reduction strategy is raising awareness that some of our community are highly allergic to some foods and ensuring that those foods aren’t brought to school.

Nuts are particularly dangerous for some of our community and we ask that you do not send peanuts or tree nuts or any foods which contain specific pieces of any nut type in them or on top of them.

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