Scholastic Book Club

There are usually 8 Scholastic Book Club Issues during the year. Every time you place an order with Book Club you help our school to receive free resources.

The following tips may help to make it easier for you to place your orders:

1. Ensure you put your child’s name and teacher clearly on the order forms.

2. Enclose correct money and secure envelope to keep it safe.

3. If writing a cheque, please make it payable to ‘Scholastic Australia’.

4. If you are ordering for more than one child and/or from different clubs, you can write one cheque to cover all orders if you put all the orders together with the cheque. (The same applies for credit card purchases).

5. If you are ordering items as gifts please mark the order for ‘TO BE HELD’ and the item(s) will be held at the office for you to collect.

If you have any queries please call Margaret on 62 658 116.