AGM 6th August 2014

AGM poster 2014











Wednesday 6th August

6pm – 7pm at Okines Community House, Dodges Ferry

AGENDA (or print here)

  1. School Association report 2013-14
  2. Principal’s report 2013-14
  3. Treasurer’s report 2013-14 and audit exemption
  4. Changes to the committee**
    1. Parent members “no fewer than 6”
    2. Staff members “no fewer than 3”
    3. Community members “no more than 3”
    4. Delete obsolete “P&F rep”
    5. Establish sub-committee for Aboriginal members
  5. Committee members for 2014-15
  6. Election of office bearers 2014-15
  7. Other business
  8. Next meeting

**Changes to the committee aim to formalise practical changes made since 2011 to update the committee structure to better represent our school community. The overall committee remains as 11-13 members including the Principal, 6 parents/carer members, 3 staff members, representatives of school partners Okines Community House and Gumnuts Childcare and an optional third community member. Informal sub-committees of the School Association involve parents, staff and community members in fundraising, events, school uniform and the proposed Aboriginal families group.

For further details:

  • Call Jude O’Doherty (Public Officer) on 62658116 or Melinda Reed (Chairperson) on 0408 554 934
  • Email
  • Follow Dodges Ferry School Association on Facebook