Constitution 2004-2016

The formal constitution of the Dodges Ferry Primary School Association Incorporated is based on the Education Department model constitution issued October 2004: Dodges Ferry Primary School Assoc Inc Constitution 2004

In summary:

1.  The role of the Association (3.10) is to:

  • contribute to setting the school values, priorities and code of conduct
  • advise the Principal and DoE on school management and policy
  • foster school and community co-operation
  • approve the annual school budget
  • participate in the selection of a new Principal to fill a permanent vacancy
  • provide financial or other resources or services for the benefit of the school (3.11.2)
  • provide suitable public forums open to any member (3.12.3)

2.  The Association is authorised to do anything necessary or convenient in support of the benefit of the school and consistent with the Education Act and Department of Education policy (3.11 & 3.12)

3.  The Association committee is made up of 11 to 13 members (3.3)

  • 4 or 5 parent members (elected by parents)
  • 1 P&F committee parent representative
  • 4 staff members (teaching or non-teaching staff elected by staff)
  • 1 or 2 community (non-parent, non-staff) members
  • and the Principal
  • one half of the elected members retire each year and may nominate for re-election (3.4.8)

4.  The committee must meet at least 4 times a year (3.9.1)

  • a quorum for a committee meeting is 7, of whom 4 must be parents (3.9.2)
  • a quorum for the AGM or other general meeting is 9 members (4.4.2)
  • the Principal must provide the committee with financial reports (at least quarterly), the school budget for approval, an annual school report, other information the association requires (3.9.7)
  • other parent, staff or community members may attend committee meetings as observers and speak at the meeting at the invitation of the chairperson (3.9.11)

5.  Sub-committees of members and non-members may be appointed by the committee and must regularly report to the committee about the activities of the group (3.9.8 & 3.13)



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